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Portable Hot Shower Bag

Army Green

"We thought this solar shower was a pretty great addition to our camping gear before we had kids, but since we've had two kids (a toddler and an infant now), this has been so great for both camping and having in the backyard."

This solar shower bag has a large water capacity and enough water for multiple showers. It is compact in size and easy to take to go. Using the sun and the solar panel, the water in this shower bag is heated to allow for nice, warm showers even in the outdoors.

The bag is strong and durable and includes a small storage pocket to hold all your shower needs. To use, simply hang this on a tree, wall, hook or car!


Water Inlet with Sealed Cap: The large diameter can be filled quickly, and the knob will not appear leakage phenomenon.

Net Pocket Storage Basket: The front net pocket has two pockets can be used for washing and carry-on items. You can put soap, shampoo and other showering accessories in the pocket along with the shower bag

Temperature Indicator: Use solar energy to heat water to 45°C (113°F) in 3 hours with direct sunlight. The back temperature bar allows you to know the water temperature and keep abreast of it.

Hand-free Showering: The bag is strong and durable. Its handle strap is reinforced by a hard plastic tube so it can be hung on the tree branches or poles with freehand feature


1. Wash the bath bag with 1 spoonful of hot soda water before first use.

2. Fill with water and face the sun so that the sun can shine fully.

3. Heating for about 3 hours can be used. The temperature can rise by about 30 degrees in about 3 hours, and the valve can be opened when used.


 - Material: PVC 

- Capacity: 5 gallon/20L 

- Package size: 11.8 x 5.9 x 2.8inchs 

- Package weight: 1.2pounds