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EZ Silicone Food Wrap

Are you still using plastic cover to wrap your food?"

You better think twice before wrapping your leftovers, fruits, vegetables and bread with a plastic cover. Aside from not being durable enough to fully envelop your containers, they also fail to keep food fresh and pose a threat to your family’s health.

Moreover, most food wraps available on the market are designed only for a couple of uses. After just a handful of hours, they’re meant to be disposed of right away. And most disappointing of all, they often cannot fully preserve the quality and taste of dishes and raw ingredients.

Protect your food bowls with the more sustainable and cost-efficient EZ Silicone Food Wrap

Our eco-friendly and reusable kitchen tool is mighty stretchable to let you cover all sorts of food containers, bowls, pots, and even larger pans. It fully wraps your dishes to prevent exposure to contaminants and moisture. 

This BPA-free and FDA-approved cover is made from food-grade, eco-friendly and sustainable silicone that boasts of superior durability. The soft silicone has imbued strength and flexibility for vacuum-tight sealing. It’s guaranteed not to leak so you can reuse and stretch to your heart’s content. These wraps will not stain or retain odors. They do not contain harmful substances like plastics have, which can leach into your food and cause serious health issues. Still not convinced? Here are more reasons to choose our food wraps over other alternatives: 

✅ Clear and transparent to allow convenient viewing of bowl’s contents 

✅ Available in small (10x10cm), medium (15x15) and large (20x20cm) sizes 

✅ Safe to place in the freezer and microwave.

✅ Easy-cling feature makes sealing containers a breeze There’s a better way to store your food while keeping them fresh. 

✅ Can be used as an Opener or Anti-Slip Mats.

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