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    • Real-Time GPS Tracking: Track vehicles, valuables, and loved ones in real time, 24/7. Our GPS system uses 4G satellite technology to give you an accurate location, whether you are tracking in dense urban areas or on remote country roads. Receive the location data of your tracker directly to a phone, tablet, or computer.
    • Discreet & Versatile: Compact and concealable, the EZ Mini GPS is a mini tracker that is just one-inch thick, making it discreet and highly versatile. Its battery lasts up to two-and-a-half weeks, so you won’t have to worry about removing it each night to charge. Simply set and activate the tracker and slip it into a backpack or conceal it under a car seat to remotely track movements.
    • Precise Insights, Custom Alerts, & Boundaries: Using cutting-edge GPS technology, the EZ Mini GPS GPS Browser Platform can be customized to send SMS and email alerts anytime the tracker enters or exits a defined zone. You can also receive data that monitors trips in their entirety with their starting and end points. Create summary data reports to capture movement over time and provide historical insights, like speed of travel, total distance, and more.
    • Safe & Secure Tracking & Reporting: Privacy is among our top priorities. The EZ Mini GPS Platform does not store your information. All account details and data tracking are securely encrypted.


 Legendary Reliability And Pinpoint Accuracy From A Field-Tested Workhorse

You asked and we listened! EZ Mini GPS just made the best even better by reengineering a perennial favorite of the surveillance industry. The newly revamped GL300 tracker has near-perfect 4G coverage and now boasts an impressive 2.5 week battery life, all while maintaining the small size and reliability that is synonymous with EZ Mini GPS.


Be certain, be smart, and be proactive. Safeguard the things that matter to you with the EZ Mini GPS

Protect your assets from theft and monitor the ones you care about the most using live GPS tracking with satellite coverage. Accurately track vehicles, valuables, and people with real-time location data.

If it’s important to you, shouldn’t you know where it is? Remove all uncertainty, fear, and doubt with the EZ Mini GPS. Easily attach the tracker to a car, trailer, or toolbox and know every turn it takes with real-time updates. It’s small enough to fit unobtrusively in a bag or backpack so you can be sure that the elderly or young people in your life safely arrive at their destinations.

Accurately track a suspicious spouse, a teenager’s vehicle, elderly parents, or valuable property. Peace of mind comes from knowing where everything is at all times.

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 Discreetly monitor every movement your target makes in real-time from your computer or smartphone.

Once your tracker arrives, simply activate the device and start monitoring. Set your notification preferences to receive alerts via text or email based on the trackers movements and speed. Know when your teen is driving over the speed limit and the moment your spouse leaves the office. Watch real-time location updates every 5 seconds on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Complete Anonymity

If the  EZ Mini GPS is discovered, there are no subscriptions, accounts, or personal information stored on the device that can be linked to you. Enjoy complete anonymity because the  EZ Mini GPS is impossible to trace back to its owner. 


Small tracker. Big features.

  •   Works with multiple devices

The EZ Mini GPS is compatible with any smartphone, tablet, computer and network provider.


  •  Long battery life

Rechargeable battery lasts up to 2.5 weeks. Automatically receive alerts when the battery is running low to help you plan ahead.

 long battery life



  •  Unlimited tracking range

The EZ Mini GPS uses satellite technology that tracks globally. You don’t need to be near the tracker for it to provide you with a precise location.

  • Easy 24/7 Monitoring

Advanced satellite technology allows you to precisely locate and monitor people, vehicles, and valuables with ease from any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone using Google Maps.