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EZ Gloves LED Flashlight







  • Practical Finger Flashlights Glove - This flashlight gloves are pretty useful, from early morning fishing to working on cars or other tight places where light is needed, doing electrical work. They will totally help you.
  • Bright Enough - Flashlight work gloves with 2 LED on index finger and thumb and could point to anywhere you want., bright enough for tasks.
    • Comfortable Material - The finger flashlights glove made of cotton, breathable and stretchy, besides they strap is adjustable, comfortable to wear and fit most of men or women hands.
    • Easy to Use and Convenient - There is a turn on/off button on the back of the glove which is easy to turn on or turn off, makes fixing things in tight area a lot easier when you need our hands free from holding flashlight.


    Are you hate it when your fingers blocked your light?

    • Now problem solved, by using our flashlight gloves, just point to anywhere you want.
    • No more struggling in the darkness to hold a flashlight while repairing something!
    • No more getting frustrated with lighting while busy working on something that requires both hands!



    A must have tool for fishing lover








    Water resistant glove

    This outdoor fishing glove is not totally waterproof, but there are no problem

    for just raining or water drop, good for fishing or catch lobster at night. Hands

    free, don’t need to holding the cage and flash light the same time.








    Replaced battery

    Come with batteries installed, ready to use. Battery can be replaced easily

    by loosen the screw with a screwdriver to open the battery cover, screwdriver

    is also included.

    Also good for gadget lover, crafter, network engineer, plumber, camping,

    cycling, boating, hunting, hiking, emergencies and other outdoor activities, or

    even playing guitar in clubs, it will absolutely draw attention!





    One size fit all hands!

    Our led flashlight multipurpose glove is made of high quality durable from

    spandex material and it has an adjustable Velcro band for all hand sizes.

    Package include:

    1*Pair glove









    ♦ Fishing - to replace bait when night fishing

    ♦ Patrol or Law Enforcement - to liberate hands

    ♦ Hiking or Mountain Camping or Cycling - handy help when lack of light

    ♦ Maintenance Equipment or Repairing - a best helper when do with fine parts

    ♦ Other Outdoor Activities

    ♦ Work Lighting

    ♦ Some one who get off work late - In a dark evening or night, when got off work, can easily find your key and open your gate ,door.