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Comfy Swimming Trainer

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Every kid loves swimming, but we all know it is not easy to find a good safe flotation device for infants! Instead of risking your baby's life with cheaply made inflatables leaking air all the time, we're gladly present to you the Comfy Swimming Trainer, which will tremendously help your baby with his or her abilities in the water without you worrying about him/her tipping it over.

Made of high-quality moisture-proof, yet extremely breathable, PearlFoam, the Comfy Swimming Trainer is guaranteed to boost your baby's confidence at swimming and allow them to comfortably play around, kick their legs and splash the water. 

No wonder that other parents will get jealous of your baby's swimming abilities. Our product is designed to give your child an advantage over other kids on learning how to swim when simply entertaining them in the pool or even just in a tub.


I bought this for my third baby who is 3 months old and we love it. It allows the baby’s legs to be in the water while keeping the upper body and head above water. I love that it has a removable canopy to keep baby in the shade and that the baby can be placed on their back or belly. The harness seems very secure. He always looks so cozy and falls asleep every time.

- Naomi, US


  • It's super comfy, infants love it: this swimming trainer is super soft and lightweight. The front of the float is made in a way that the baby can rest its head when the neck needs a break. It also has a removable canopy to keep baby in the shade and that the baby can be placed on their back or belly.
  • Take it everywhere you go: you can take it to the beach, the pool, the tub, etc. Great to use in a bathtub to get your baby comfortable and confident in the water before entering the pool.
  • It's very durable: the float can last for a long time without any loss of its superior buoyancy, your kids can continue to use it as he/she grows.
  • No more do you have to worry about baby drowning: the product is engineered to allow kids to kick legs and swim on his/her belly or on his/her back and keeps its head safely out of the water. The fit is easily adjustable and the crotch strap makes it very secure. It doesn't leak air like low-quality plastic floaters, which also don't have straps.



Question: What is the minimum weight for this product? 

Answer: Comfy swimming trainer can support the weight range of 20 lbs - 50 lbs for 2-5 years child.

Question: Can it be used as a lifesaving device?

Answer: We DON'T recommend using it for that purpose since it can only be used for infants swimming training.

Question: The description says it comes with canopy is it correct?

Answer: YES, the description is right. You choose the canopy option, it comes with a canopy.


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