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Adjustable Baby Walking Harness


Babies LOVE it!!!

Our Baby Walking Harness helps your baby learn how to walk! The harness fits comfortably around your baby and extends up to an easy helping handle for the parents. It's the perfect tool to help your baby stay on their feet while exploring and learning how to walk.


  • RELIEVE BACKACHE: Due to baby lack the ability to balance naturally, the wobbly first steps make baby feel frustrated when they learn to walk, also parents often experience significant back pain as must constantly bend over to hold their baby's hands to help your baby walk. Walking assistant provides a revolutionary and natural methodfor babies to learn to walk. 
  • WALKING ASSISTANT IS EASY TO USE: Parents simply fasten the support vest around the upper part of the baby's chest just below the armpits, adjust the handle straps to the shortest possible length or hold the support straps at the base of the straps to assist your child with hands-free balance. 

  • BABY UPRIGHT: The harness is great at keeping your little ones upright so they could keep their balance and helped them walk. Walking assistant allows babies to recover quickly from falls, giving them more courage in the process of learning to walk. 

  • CONFIDENCE AND SECURITY: It gives babies a range of movement and freedom to explore the world around them, also both you and your baby can experience those first steps with confidence and security.
  • GIFT: This baby walker is a great portable toddler belt for baby, easy to pack and convenient to carry, while visit friends and relatives, they can use this walking assistant to have fun with your babies. 
  • HIGH QUALITY: Designed with upgraded oxford fabric, which features lightweight, sturdy, durable resistance.