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  • Ergonomic Design And Smooth Functioning Prevent Hand Damages

  • Riveting Faster, Firmer In Lesser Time Than Traditional Rivet Guns

  • Pocket-Sized, Portable And Easy To Carry To Anywhere You Want
  • Fits 99% Of Cordless Drills On The Market

What others ARE sayING about Rivetfast adapter

"Useful innovative tool!"

Like others have said... Use aluminum mandrels as it will extend the life of the tool. I would have paid triple for better quality steel teeth.

That said the tool works as it should. First try did a half dozen rivets in a few minutes FEW. It's quick and no more squeezing.

For $49.99 (7/20) it's cheaper than your average hand tool... Yes it requires a drill or impact tool but you should already have one of those.

This thing WORKS!

Scott J. - Tucson, AZ

"Best Bottle scrubber."

Was skeptical but I needed some help installing 3/16 steel rivets into 1/4" steel.

Hand squeezing many of these is tough and stretched the knuckle joints in my hands. Talk about being sore everyday! So I ordered this and wow! What a BIG help. 

This tool popped these with ease. Still going after many pops. 

A great value for the money.

Felix B. - Melbourne, Australia

"Worth every penny"

Trust me when I say THIS THING IS WONDERFUL!! We are rebuilding a horse trailer & we have used hundreds of rivets with this tool. It is GREAT! 

I used this tool to secure wire fencing to a white vinyl horse fence. No effort was required to pull the rivet. 

The rivet gun was magnificent. When the rivet snaps, pop your drill into reverse & drop out the stem, snap your drill back into forward, load another rivet & just keep repeating. 

You will rivet as fast as you can load them! You won't believe how fast & easy this tool makes riveting! A+++

Shirley R. - Whangarei, New Zealand

turn your normal drill to electric rivet gun in seconds

Looking for an easy way to insert rivet with your drill tool? Then, the Rivetfast™ Adapter is for you!

You now no longer have to deal with conventional hand rivet tool, which can neverallow you to do riveting without hurting your hands after just a few rivets.

With an ergonomic designed handle and smoothing functionality, the Rivetfast™ Adapter make the riveting faster, firmer in lesser time than traditional rivet guns.


Admit it! You hate every single second using the old rivet tool! 

Your hand riveters is laborious and inefficient. Using it to install rivets puts constant stress on your hands, which in the long-term will lead to hand injuries such as arthritis, carpal tunnel, etc

On the other hand, the traditional electric rivet gun is heavy, not portable, noisy and drop rivets and its internal structure is easily damaged. The Rivetfast Adapter allows you to transform the electric drill that you already have to professional rivet gun in no time. 

The Rivetfast Adapter also provides more versatility and portability than 99% of the traditional rivet guns in the market. It is literally designed to make you love riveting instead of hating it.


Installing rivets couldn't get any easier thanks to these innovative features of the Rivetfast™ Adapter:


    Just attach with your drill and insert the rivets faster. Insert and spin your drill clockwise to put in a rivet and anti-clockwise to spit out the stem.

    This Rivetfast™ Adapter is more labor-saving than manual and more convenient than pneumatic. It is a good helper for your home and work.
    Comfortable grip and is not tiring for long hours of work.

    The Rivetfast Adapter is fully metal forged and has high working strength. The alloy steel forged gun head has high hardness and durability, saving time and effort.


    The fact that this electric gun adapter is just the size of your pocket makes it portable to be taken anywhere without a special box or pouch.

Frequently Asked questions

Question:What is the dimension of the product?



Material: Alloy Steel

Gun Adapter Length: 150mm

Hex Shank Diameter: 6.35mm(1/4in)

Wrench Length: 150mm

Grip Length: 122mm

Usage: Draw 2.4 / 3.2 / 4.0 / 4.8mm core-pulling rivets

Package Weight: 460.0 G / 16.23 Ounces

Package Dimensions (L*W*H): 160*60*50 MM / 6.30*2.36*1.97 Inches

Question:How can I install the Rivetfast Adapter to my electric drill?


- Step 1: Insert the electric drill into the conversion chuck, the gear should not be too high.

- Step 2: Rotate the electric drill clockwise and clamp the chuck to the locking chuck. At this time, the electric drill rotates the rivet gun counter-clockwise and emits "dripping" sound into the rivet.

- Step 3: Put the electric drill into rivet needle in time for the right hole position.

- Step 4: Remove the electric drill counterclockwise from the rivet.

Question: When can I use the included warranty?

Answer:The included warranty protects your adapter from any damage which prevents normal functionality.

Your warranty is applicable if the adapter is damaged and the damage makes it non-functional.

Currently we provide 1-Year and 2-Year warranty options.

Question: How long does delivery take?

Answer:Due to high order volume and the situation with COVID-19, shipping times are extended. Usually your order will arrive in 8-16 days but in some cases it may take up to 25 days.



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